Affiliate Expo 2023: The Italian Affiliate Marketing Event is back with a new format

Milan, Italy – September 14, 2023 –  The Affiliate Expo, Italy’s most anticipated affiliate marketing event, is poised to set new industry standards and establish itself as the ultimate event for affiliate marketers and partners. This exciting event is brought to you by two leading industry titans, TrafficManager and AI20, joining forces to create a groundbreaking experience for affiliate marketers, digital entrepreneurs, leading businesses and marketing enthusiasts.

Scheduled to take place on October 25-26, 2023, at the prestigious Studio 90 in Milan, this year’s event promises to be a game-changer in the affiliate landscape.

The Affiliate Expo 2023 is already generating considerable buzz within the industry, thanks in part to the impressive lineup of well known exhibitors and renowned speakers who will grace the Expo Area and the stage. Attendees can expect to gain insights from affiliate marketing experts who are shaping the future of the industry, with discussions covering the latest trends, strategies, and innovations.

Notable speakers include:

  • Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb, one of the most esteemed female entrepreneurs in the affiliate landscape
  • Stefan Muehlbauer (Affpal), Affiliate Management Expert, Author and frequent Speaker at some of the premier global events like SIGMA, Kinza, TES, AGS (Affiliate Grand Slam) and I-CON.

One of the Affiliate EXPO Conference organizers, Florin Simovici, also Co-founder and CEO of TrafficManager, states: “15 years ago, affiliate marketing changed my life and laid the foundation for the person I’ve become today. My journey as an affiliate began in Italy in 2008, as an attempt to earn some extra cash online while I was struggling with my regular job as a brick-builder. 

My first earnings from affiliate marketing came from the Italian market two years later, after immense hard work, consistency, countless tests with zero results, and sifting through thousands of pages of forums and blogs. 

Today, being a part of the organizational team for this magnificent event in Milan is an honor, and I want to consider it my way of paying tribute to Italy and to the entire affiliate marketing industry.”

AI20’s Co-Founder & CEO, Claudio Giannetti, added, “The Affiliate Expo 2023 Edition is set to be an incredible opportunity to connect for affiliate marketers, advertisers, networks and service providers worldwide, plus enjoying the Italian culture. We aim to provide attendees with an enriching and transformative experience, something no one ever experienced in the past Affiliate Expo’s events Starting 2023, we will place the Affiliate Expo Conference on the must attend international summits map of the globe, with the goal to attract as much international affiliates and companies from the industry as possible.”

In addition to the exceptional lineup of +30 speakers, Affiliate Expo 2023 will feature an exclusive “Facebook and Google Media Buy Super Masterclass” series for the VIP attendees, hosted by some of the most profitable super affiliates from the industry, with proven numbers, that will teach the participants step by step campaign setup insights and will unveil their “secrets” on how to turn them into profitable campaigns. Designed to provide attendees with invaluable knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the affiliate marketing arena, the masterclasses will not only be led by industry recognized affiliates; with the participation of well known digital marketing agencies representatives and Google representatives, a HUGE brainstorming will follow with case studies  ensuring that every participant gets actionable insights to boost their affiliate marketing efforts from the next days. Masterclasses, keynotes and sessions will be recorded and available to the public that didn’t attend at the Affiliate Expo 2023 for sale, one month after the event

Moreover, the first ever organized TT Meetup in Italy will take place during the Affiliate Expo 2023. Brought with love by the team, TTMeetup is the well known event designed for influencers, media buyers and TikTok enthusiasts which circled the world in the past years reaching cities like Barcelona, Ibiza, Limassol, Warshaw, Bangkok and, this year, Milan with the Affiliate Expo Conference gladly hosting the event.

Variety is the key word and the signature of the new Affiliate Expo Conference format. 

From interactive workshops and panel discussions led by industry experts to hands-on sessions showcasing successful marketing strategies, there will be something for everyone interested in leveraging the power of TikTok, Google, Youtube and Facebook Ads for their business. 

Affiliate Expo 2023 is expected to attract over 2000 attendees from across the globe, including affiliate marketers, media buyers,digital entrepreneurs, advertisers, publishers, and anyone passionate about the world of online marketing.

Francesco Montanari, CMO and Co-Founder of TrafficManager, expressed his vision about the event, stating, “Having been part of the affiliate marketing industry since 2014, including as an active sponsor in many affiliate marketing events with TrafficManager, I have witnessed firsthand the need for a global event geared towards educating and connecting people and not generating profits . This is also one of the reasons why we accepted the challenge of being part of the organizational team of the Affiliate Expo Conference starting this year. We aim for a unique format focused on educating affiliates, regardless of their level of experience and connection with companies and services in the sector.”

Marco Gandolfi Vannini, COO & AM of AI20, shared his vision about the event, stating: “The Affiliate Expo is a unique event! The only event in Italy that talks about affiliation, networking among the major experts in the sector and performance marketing. The online market is revolutionizing, and in this event everyone can really understand in which direction it is going. The new partnership has made this event, now in its fifth edition, more international, in which users who are increasingly curious and hungry for new paths to follow will have the opportunity to engage with the large global market”.

Valeria Pagano, CMO and partner of Affiliate Expo concluded: “We managed to put together an amazingly proactive team behind the Affiliate Expo event and create a winning recipe for both the Italian and the international affiliate marketing industry. I am proud to say that, starting this year, the entire affiliate marketing industry will have the opportunity to enjoy Italy for both business and pleasure. See you all in Milan.”

Affiliate Expo organizers Florin Simovici, Claudio Giannetti, Francesco Montanari, Valerio Fortunato, Marco Gandolfi Vannini and Valeria Pagano will be available for interviews, offering deeper insights into the expo’s mission and its impact on the affiliate landscape.

Early bird tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available now.

About Affiliate Expo

Founded in 2018, Affiliate Expo quickly carved a niche as Italy’s Premier Affiliate Marketing Summit, with the mission to build an enriching space where education, business advancement, and forging meaningful bonds are at the forefront. Over the years, the AffiliateExpo has become more than just an event; it’s a gathering place for both Italian affiliate marketing veterans and novices eager to embark on this journey. 

Shifting the focus from the vibrant Italian market to a global vision, the partnership between the AI20 TrafficManager has transformed AffiliateExpo from Italy’s cherished affiliate marketing event into an international Affiliate Summit, thanks to the expertise of TrafficManager, the leading affiliate tracking platform solution provider for affiliate programs and affiliate networks in Italy and Europe, and AI20, renowned Affiliate Network.

This year, the event promises to elevate the experience to a newly rebranded international Affiliate Expo Conference, bringing together top-tier local and international affiliate marketers, e-commerce experts, cash-on-delivery network representatives, dropshipping professionals, and enterprising digital entrepreneurs. 

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