About Us

Who Are We and Why Are We Organizing This Amazing Affiliate Marketing Event?

A few words about AffiliateExpo


Welcome to the Affiliate Expo Conference, the beacon of affiliate marketing in Italy.

Founded in 2018, we quickly carved a niche as Italy’s Premier Affiliate Marketing Summit. Over the years, the AffiliateExpo has become more than just an event; it’s a gathering place for both Italian affiliate marketing veterans and novices eager to embark on this journey. Our mission is clear: to build an enriching space where education, business advancement, and forging meaningful bonds are at the forefront. We’re here to redefine the future of affiliate marketing, one interaction at a time.

Our initial focus was on the vibrant Italian-speaking market. However, with a global vision in our sights, we honed a unique appreciation for the needs and aspirations of the affiliate marketing community. In 2022, following our acquisition by the AI20 Network, we broadened our horizons, envisioning an even grander scale for the AffiliateExpo. That dream materialized in 2023 when we joined forces with TrafficManager. This partnership has transformed AffiliateExpo from Italy’s cherished affiliate marketing event into an international spectacle.

Today, we invite you to experience the newly re-branded international AffiliateExpo Conference. Engage with a diverse group of top-tier local and international affiliate marketers, e-commerce experts, cash-on-delivery network representatives, dropshipping professionals, and enterprising digital entrepreneurs. 

To those familiar with past editions of the AffiliateExpo, this year promises to elevate your experience beyond imagination. Set in the heart of Milan, the event is more than a showcase of industry innovations; it’s a celebration of collaboration, pioneering ideas, and shared dreams.

Join us, and be a part of this legendary journey.

Team Behind the Affiliate Expo Conference

Simovici Mihai Florin

Co-Founder & CEO of TrafficManager

Francesco Montanari

Co-Founder & CTO of TrafficManager

Valeria Pagano

Chief Marketing Officer

Claudio Giannetti

Co-Founder & CEO of Ai20 Network

Marco Gandolfi Vannini

COO & AM of Ai20 Network

Valerio Fortunato

Co-Founder Adsvengers