The Evolution of the Cash on Delivery (cod) Affiliate Marketing Model in Italy and Europe over the Past Years

Affiliate marketing, a dynamic and adaptive industry, has seen several evolving trends in response to changes in technology, consumer behaviours, and market dynamics. The cash-on-delivery (COD) model, in particular, has gained significant traction over the past years, both in Italy and across Europe.

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Statista published a study on July 19, 2022, revealing an intriguing trend in Italy’s e-commerce landscape: the dramatic rise of the cash-on-delivery payment method. It found that the percentage of regular online shoppers who considered paying cash on delivery as crucial soared from 51% in 2017 to a staggering 93% in 2021. This growth signifies a substantial increase in consumer trust in COD.

Source: Importance of Cash on Delivery Payment Method in Italy – Statista, Published July 19, 2022

Italy isn’t alone in this trend. The popularity of COD has surged across Europe, particularly in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Furthermore, this trend is not limited to Europe. Outside the continent, countries such as India, the Philippines, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have a significant number of online shoppers favouring COD.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which forced more people to shop from home, is likely a major catalyst for this shift. The COD model, offering transparency and trust by allowing customers to pay for a product or service only upon delivery, became an appealing alternative. It reduced the risks associated with online fraud or dissatisfaction with the product.

Within the realm of affiliate marketing, the COD model has been widely embraced by businesses and affiliates alike. For businesses, it’s an efficient way to expand their customer base, especially reaching demographics uncomfortable with online transactions. For affiliates, this broadened consumer base spells an opportunity to maximise their earnings.

Despite its advantages, the COD model presents unique challenges, such as a higher risk of returns and cancellations due to the lack of upfront payment commitment from customers. Consequently, businesses and affiliates must develop effective strategies to counter these risks.

The evolution of the COD model in affiliate marketing reflects the industry’s agility in adapting to changing market dynamics. As businesses and affiliates step into the future, keeping abreast of emerging trends and adjusting strategies accordingly is crucial. In conclusion, the COD affiliate marketing model has made significant strides over the years. As more countries continue to favour this method, businesses and affiliates must seize this opportunity to innovate and grow. Blending reliability, trust, and convenience – the very principles that underpin successful affiliate marketing in today’s digital age – is the key to success.

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